Rauris, a former gold-mining town, also called "the golden village", is rich with history, traditions, beautiful landscapes and nice people.

The village Rauris lies within the heart of the national park Hohe Tauern.

Rauris populated in very early days, and grew wealthy with the gold-mining (from 1354).


The village Rauris was called Gaisbach in former times and was mentioned in a document already 1120.

1122 the name "Rurise" is mentioned the first time.

The mining-worker Ignaz Rojacher started the gold-mining again in the 19.th century.

He build the weather-station on the Sonnblick (3106 m) in 1886, which was the worldwide first and highest meteorological station.

The cable car up to the Sonnblick, to transport various goods, was finished in 1954. Before everything had to be carried up.


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