Children are important to us

We are well-known for our friendly children-instructors, who show your children the fun of skiing and take good care of them. Convince yourself.

The little ones will be enthusiastic after a week of skiing with the Ski-school KARL MAIER, and can´t wait to come back the year after.



The children love to rumble around in our Kids-Snow-World, so the first steps on ski wil be so much easier.


Ski-school train

A trip through the white winter-wonderland in our ski-school train is just so cool. The children love it.

The ski-school train - only in our ski-school.


Magic carpet

Der Zauberteppich

(Damit kommt jeder nach oben - ohne lästiges Steigen.)

The magic-carpet takes the children up, without the walking.
The little ones learn skiing the easy way.

And beside that, it´s just great fun to go on the magic-carpet.


Our own beginners-lift

For children-beginners we have our own lift in our ski-school-area - it safes them a lot of walking.


The snow-bunny visits the children

When the snow-bunny from the Ski-school KARL MAIER visits the children, they all can´t wait to show what the already have learned.


Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt on the slope - there is always something going on for the children in our ski-school.

Once a week there is the treasure-hunt up on the slope. Who will find the treasure first? Of course there is a little reward for everyone.


Race & awards ceremony

Children and parents can´t wait for the race:

Who will be the fastest? Children are so proud to show their parents what they have learned.

And of course there is the awards ceremony afterwards.


Children ski-equipment

Ski-equipment for children is pretty much the same as for adults. The biggest difference is, that, due to the growth, the hardly can use equipment two seasons in a row, without getting it adjusted.

Therefore it is recommended to rent the equipment in the ski-school, especially the frist years. So you can be sure, to always have top-equipment. In the ski-school Karl Maier we offer special packages, which include euqipment-rental as well as ski-school tuition.

--> Information concerning ski-packages

(Should you consider borrowing equipment from family or friends, ... make sure, to get it checked and adjusted to your needs from an expert.)

Sun-glasses/snow-goggles and sun-lotion are very important. Glasses/goggles not only help when it´s snowing, but also protect the eye from wind and filter the UV-rays from the sun. Our children-instructors do carry sun-lotion for the children with them, but make sure to put some creme on your childrens face in the morning.

We do advise helmets for children. Helmets can be rented in our ski-school.