Find out, who brought the first skis to Rauris (over 125 years ago), why Rauris is one of the cradles of skiing in Austria, how long it took to ski down on wooden skis from the Sonnblick (3106 m), and more ...

Over 110 years of ski-lessons in Rauris

Wilhelm Ritter von Arlt brought the ski-sport to Rauris.

1886, during a study-trip to Falun in Sweden, together with gold-mine-owner Ignaz Rojacher, he brought the first skis to Rauris.

That means, skiing in Rauris is practized since already 125 years. Rauris celebrated this remarkable event in the winter 2006/07. --> LINK to 120-years-of-skiing-in-Rauris

Wilhelm von Arlt was also the first one, who conquered a 3000 m high mountain (Sonnblick 3106 m) on skis for the first time, worlwide in 1894.

It took him 32 minutes to ski down from the top of the mountain (3106) to Kolm Saigurn (1600 m). On the 17. April 1895 he managed to ski down the same track in only 15 minutes. The was, without any doubt, one of the most remarkable achievements of the early days of skiing.


Bald bildete sich am Fuße des Sonnblicks rund um den skibegeisterten Ritter von Arlt eine überzeugte Gemeinde von Ski-Fans.

Soon there was a group of people who liked to ski and who joined Ritter von Arlt.

The skiing equipment was rather "basic":
Wooden planks, with a tip in the front. For the ascent there was "climbing-wax", and for the descent the was "gliding-wax".

Avalanches, crevasses, overestimation of one´s own capacities and sudden change of weather conditions were the most dangerous "enemies" on the mountains.

Finally, in March 1902 the 1. ski-course took place in Rauris, and marks the beginning of over 100 years of tradition of ski-lessons in Rauris.

And following that tradition is our aim in the Ski-school KARL MAIER, to make sure, you learn skiing in a safe way, without forgetting the fun.